Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Love Affair Has Ended

Ella's crush on Francis has ended or at least is on hiatus for the time being. The reason: he bit her. Her teacher called me while I was driving to pick her up. She told me of the incident but the center's policy prevented her from telling me which child, although Ella blurted it out to me the minute I walked into her room. To me, it was irrelevant who bit her.

Once I knew she was okay (it was just a topical bite, no skin was broken), I was relieved that she wasn't the biter or that she didn't retaliate by biting Francis back. Day cares take biting very seriously and the center has a three bites and you're out policy. The teacher is a little unsure why Francis acted out like that. The incident happened as the kids were lining up to go on a walk, and Francis and Ella were battling over the lead spot. Ella and I talked last night how "teeth aren't for biting" and that she needs to take turns with her friends. I hope their interaction today was a bit more friendlier.

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