Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sam Update

Below are little treasures we've discovered about our "handsome Sam":
  • He's a squirmy guy.
  • He has a healthy appetite.
  • He sleeps in three-hour increments at night. I swear the past two nights you could set a clock by him.
  • For now, he tolerates his big sister poking, touching and kissing him. He even seems to turn his head when he hears her voice.
  • When he furrows his brow, he reminds me of the old man playing chess from Pixar's Geri's Game.
  • He exercises his lungs mainly during diaper changes, bath time, tummy time and when he desires food. Otherwise, he is a fairly content kid.

As a family, we made the trek to his one-week well visit. Ella really wanted to tag along and since Mike was home, he was another set of hands. Ella's motivation for going, I suspect, was for the basket of suckers waiting for her at the check-out desk. To be fair, the girl is quite enamored with her baby brother and demands to be by his side for the all the "major moments" that have occurred within the past week -- diaper changes, bath time, etc.

Overall, Sam received a passing grade from the doctor. His weight had dropped to 7 lbs and the nurse measured him at 20 inches long. His circ is healing nicely. We did discover the poor guy has thrush, so we are treating it. Nothing serious just more of a nuisance that anything. He goes back this week and the doctor only request was his weight to be on the upswing. We are working on it and as much as he eats, I will be shocked if he hasn't gained at least a few ounces.

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Anonymous said...

Like father, like son -- Mike got thrush the first week he was home from the hospital. Grandma Glenda