Friday, April 04, 2008

Baby Boy is Here

He arrived at 3:57 am weighing 7lbs. 6 oz and does not have a name. Soon, we will bestow one on him. No one expected him that early. He came so quick that an epidural was NOT an option. I begged for the doc with the good stuff and then joked that the upside was it was one less bill to pay. I can't say I endorse drug free labor, but I survived and this little guy is a nice reward. The cervadil was enough to push me into labor, and my nurse and the on-call doc were floored with how fast I advanced. When Mike called the nurses desk, I don't think they believed him when he tried to tell them my contractions were intense.

Someday, I'll post the complete story, but I haven't slept even though I had was given an ambien around 10:30pm. It's amazing how your body can push through that if necessary. I need a catnap and baby boy is asleep and Mike is getting some food with his parents & Ella -- who thinks baby brother is fairly interesting, at least for now. My favorite moment was having both my kids on the bed with me. As for me, I'm just a happy mom to 2 beautiful children. Some pictures have been posted, more to come.


Anonymous said...

He is BEAUTIFUL!!! All pink and nice. I'm so glad it's all over for you and Praise God, he's healthy!!
Thanks so much for the pictures. I've been over them twice!!
Love, Great Aunt Carolyn

Anonymous said...

He is soooo sweet and it looks like Ella just loves him to pieces. We are so proud of you both for bringing 2 beautiful babies into this world. I adore his name...Best wishes, Kari and Eric

Lauren said...

Best family EVER.