Wednesday, April 02, 2008

24 hours til check in...

...and we can't believe it. Our list of things to do is getting smaller, and Amanda has worked her last day before her maternity leave---although they told her to bring her computer. Nice.

Baby Boy is hanging in there and there hasn't been any change in his status. We tried an old wives tale and had some mexican tonight. Nothing major---just Moe's, which is like a Chipotle/Qdoba knockoff chain. Either way Amanda had fresh chopped jalapenos ...they had a ton of kick, but I'm sure its only going to just make our butts burn tomorrow.

Ella's fast asleep and we realized tonight was the last night we will be putting her down as a family of 3. We won't be putting her down tomorrow because we will be at the hospital working on bringing our second child into the world--but I'm sure a lot of that time will be spent worrying about baby number 1 and hoping she's doing fine. I know it won't be easy to leave her tomorrow and neither one of us is looking forward to it. But I should suppose that we survived going to Seattle for 4-5 days and left her, this will be shorter than that and hopefully we'll see her in the hospital once or twice...

Either way, Amanda is off tomorrow and I'm taking a half day so tomorrow is going to be the start of a VERY LONG and stressful day. We will do our best to keep everybody informed!!

Ugh, there is work to be done around here and both of us just want to go to bed. These evenings just get away from us waaaay to quickly.

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Lauren said...

"Butts burn tomorrow," that's classy, Mike.