Thursday, April 10, 2008

PBJ vs. Sushi

PBJ vs. Sushi
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I had to share this field trip photo, which was taken while the kids were enjoying their sack lunches. Ella is sitting next to her friend Francis, who has the sweetest and gentlest of dispositions, and to boot Ella has a slight crush on him. As for their lunches, Francis got sushi while unfortunately for Ella her parents had packed her a boring PB&J. I just love the contrast in lunches. I wish I could use the excuse that we had only been discharged from the hospital for just a day, but it would have been PB&J regardless. It's easy and likes them.

One benefit of Ella's daycare center is the ethnic diversity in the students and the teachers. Hopefully, she's learning at an early age that everyone in the world does not look or speak like her nor even eats what she does. While Ella is exposed to different cultures and languages (in her current classroom the kids are counting to 10 in English and Spanish as well as counting in Korean and Tagalong-Philippines), I don't believe sushi is on the menu anytime soon. Maybe Francis will invite her over to a play date.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I love the picture too. Cousin Eric and I would love to take Ella out for sushi, though I only stick to cook stuff, Eric favors anything with tentacles on a mound of rice, wrapped in seaweed.

My life has been crazy the last week and Eric left for South Africa last Saturday after a huge mishap on the travel agencies part. I have been trying to correct their mistake for the last 6 days. I leave tomorrow and am soooo excited to get down there, luckily we are not flying American, otherwise that would be the icing on the cake.

The foursome's picture is so sweet with all of you lying on the hospital bed. You just look like one proud Daddy and Amanda, gosh, she looks great. That girl is such a trooper!

Sam looks like an angel and Ella, a great big sister. I can't wait to read more updates when I get home.

Love to you all,
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