Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ella and Daddy. Home Alone 5!

I'm sure the minute Amanda left she thought, "what the heck am I thinking leaving her with him??".

But the truth of the matter is, we had fun. It was some great Ella/Daddy time. We really needed it. Not that I felt on the outside, but Amanda and Ella really have that great Mommy/Daughter bond, and it was time Daddy got his solidified.

Saturday morning we trekked off to Wonderscope. It's really a wonderful place that lets kids of all ages (under 10, I thnk) learn about the world. Check out the link for more. She had a good time, and we spent the majority of it in the "Small Wonders" room, which was just for 6 mos. to 2 year olds. There was a lot of ramps and other places for her to walk, run, play and just generally have a good time. It took Ella a bit of time to warm up, but once she did, she enjoyed walking all over the room and climbing on everything. She even had her first experience on a slide! Accidently. oh, and backwards. Thankfully it was just on her belly. There's plenty of stuff she just couldn't get enough off there. Of course, she enjoyed just being in open areas and being able to walk to her heart's content. She really does great walking, but even better if she has something to push. In this old gym, in the former school that Wonderscope is now, she had PLENTY of room to push this chair all around the gym.

She really enjoyed the whole experience overall, and Daddy was very happy to see that she took a great nap that afternoon. Which means Daddy did too. :)

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