Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just Miserable

My poor baby, she has a double ear infection, tonsillitis and was wheezing enough that she needed a breathing treatment at the doctor's office. She was hysterical during those 10 minutes. Thank goodness Mike was there, as there was no way I alone could have contained her and kept the mask on her face. I feel like a bad mom for not realizing how sick she was.

I appreciate the doctor being so thorough in her assessment of Ella, what I certianly didn't appreciate was her commentary on that daycare is bad for her health. I get it that kids in day care settings do get sick more often, it's a given. What irks me is judgemental people, who only believe they way they live is the right way. I love being a mom -- best thing I've ever done. I enjoy my job. I choose how to live my life so it works for Mike, Ella and I -- no one else. Right now, it's working as Ella is a very happy and thriving child who is more than meeting all of her developmental milestones. If the situation changes, then I'm more than happy to reassess and make any necessary changes.

Ugh, I needed to get that off my chest. I just have heard a lot of silly comments in the past week about how hard it must be to be a working parent. It's like they feel sorry for me and especially for Ella. All I can say to that is we're a very happy family, so please be happy for us. I wish we all would stop thinking that we know how others could live their lives better, rather focus your energy on living a better life for yourself.

That's my rant for the day, didn't mean to hijack the post of Ella's illness, but back to her. She's sitting in my lap, half-asleep, just miserable. Hopefully plenty of cuddle time with mom will speed the recovery process.

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