Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh, the trials of an Ida Country Sheriff...

Posting this morning from Dakota City...

So, yesterday Amanda and I took a half day off to come up and see Amanda's brother Matt coach his varsity basketball team. We had to travel from KC to Holstein, Iowa. So we took a little detour from our usual route, which was a great change of pace. It was nice to see things like hills, 2 lane highways(which can get a little frustrating) and traveling through small towns which is great.

Made it up to Holstein just in time for tip off. Ella LOVED seeing all the people walking everywhere. Ella was more than happy to do her share of walking as well. In fact she kept wanting to walk out on to the court! So she kept Mommy and Daddy on their toes. Sadly, Kingsley-Pierson lost, but it was the best team in the conference, and Matt's team did some good things to help keep their opponents in check and not blowing K-P out.

So, on the way home after being in the car all afternoon and chasing Ella all evening in the game Mommy and Daddy were pretty wiped out, but still had a 40-mile drive back to Sioux City. 10-minutes into the drive, flashing red and blue lights appear out of nowhere behind the VUE. BUSTED. I pull over, and the very nice sheriff tells me we were doing 71 in a 55! Whoa!! I was so zoned out and the highway was empty and after being in the car all day, I wasn't even paying attention. So guilty as charged. The sheriff took our info and went back to the car to fill out the ticket. ZOOM, there goes Matt.....ZOOM.....there goes Pam and Brian past. Oh, they have to be laughing it up. I'm getting disapproving remarks from Amanda. Mikey's feeling pretty bad. The sheriff comes back after about 5 minutes in his squad car. Comes back with the ticket. (which is in triplicate form) Reads over all the pertinent info, he was nice enough to knock it down from at 71 to a 65 in a 55. Its an $81 ticket. Shows me the court date and time. He has me sign it. So there it is, what a bummer. The sheriff goes to rip off my piece of the ticket that I keep and *rriiiippp*. He accidently tore my part about halfway up the ticket! He stops, looks at it and goes, "shit." After taking a breath, he says, "Well, I guess you are free to go, the ticket is ruined. I'm really embarrassed, I've never had this happen before...just watch your speed." I can't believe it. That's only the 3rd time I've been pulled over, the last one being 5 years ago. So now I've gotten out of a ticket without even trying.

I can't believe it.

We thanked our lucky stars and headed home.

Just because I kinda feel bad for the guy, here's his pict:


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Anonymous said...

Hey, you were lucky or blessed, boy, call it what you want!!
Hope our little Ella is better.
Love AC