Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vegas Baby

I'm off to Vegas Saturday morning, make that very early Saturday morning. We're aiming to be at the airport at 5:15, which means I'll be leaving my house around 4 am. I think I'll be sleeping on the plane! I'm actually traveling for fun this time and I'm getting quite excited. Two of my good college friends and I are headed there for a quick three-day weekend of fun, which includes a Go-Gos concert. Can't wait to relive the 80s! As Mike says, this is my time to just be Amanda, not wife, not mom -- just me. It will be fun rediscovering who that person is.

I know I'll have a great time while I'm there. Yet, I'm still be missing my beautiful child and wonderful husband. Mike is so great and so supportive of me taking this trip. Although I feel guilty because I'm leaving him for an entire weekend, I know Ella and Mike will get some precious bonding time.

Ella is doing much better. She started returning to normal around Sunday. We weren't seeing too many smiles or happy jabbering until then. She had a follow up appointment on Tuesday with her regular doctor, and she said the lungs were clear, but she still had some fluid in the ears. She's on the antibiotics for two more days.

I uploaded a few more pictures of Miss Ella. She loves to dig my cell phone out of my work bag and play with it, so we snapped a few shots of the modern baby using the cell phone. Mike teased that she was checking her Babies R Us stocks. Man, I love those baby blues.

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, have a wonderful trip and just sit back, relax, and relive some wonderful memories of your college days with the girls. You soooo deserve this short vacation! Love, Glenda