Thursday, January 04, 2007

Not inspired

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I just haven't been inspired to write anything. We've been coming out of the holiday fog and getting back into our normal routine. We've actually had a few quiet nights at home this week, which were greatly needed. The holidays were so wonderful and enjoyable. Mike did forget to mention one big thing: WE HAVE A WALKER! Ella took her first official steps the Friday before Xmas. We were luckily enough to actually get them on tape as well. We decided to let Ella open our gifts to her rather than transport them to Sioux City. Mike set up the video camera to capture the moment. Before we opened any gifts, Mike held out a book to her and asked to step away from the couch. She turned around, reached her little hands, took two slow steps and six quick quick steps before collapsing on her knees. It was so adorable. Naturally, we both freaked. She's continuing to make great strides. Her walk still mimics Frankenstein's but each day it seems she takes one more step in the series before falling to her knees. I must admit when she stops crawling and favors walking that I will miss her little crawl -- the way her little hips and bottom sway back and forth. It's so precious.

The other big news is she is a forward-facing car-ridding kid. Don't fret. I realize she's not one, but we got permission from the doctor's office. She was so miserable all cramped up with the seat facing backward and would cry the instant she was placed in her seat. We tried many adjustments to no avail. The doctor said considering her height, weight and her excellent head and neck control that we had her blessing. So, this morning's commute to day care was our first adventure facing forward and she completely digged it. She sat in amazement at all the lights and occasionally would kick her legs with excitement. It truly has changed her world.

One final milestone to mention: Ella had her first kiss with a boy and she was the pursuer. I can't imagine it any other way. I guess she crawled over to Tylan and just planted one on him. I can completely see it in my head and it just cracks me up. All I can say, is that's my girl!

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