Monday, January 15, 2007

Cabin Fever

I haven't left the house for three complete days. It's a pretty impressive feat for me. I actually haven't minded it until today. I had today off and I had such high hopes for a special day for Ella and I -- it was suppose to include a trip to Wonderscope and a play date with Jen and the boys -- but the weather didn't cooperate and Ella is yet again fighting another nasty cold. We've gotten nothing but ice, sleet, freezing rain and snow for the last three days, so Mike took the Vue and both of us thought it best that Ella and I not venture out unless necessary. I know I can't complain. We have power and being forced to stay home isn't a bad thing. It actually was good for us to slow down and just enjoy the mundane moments of life. I do appreciate that so much as Ella is so close to becoming an official toddler. If I'm to be honest with myself, she hasn't been a baby for awhile. I do miss her as a baby, but I love that she's defining her independence lately. Why is it once you have one stage almost figured out, your child decides to move into a new stage? I have no clue how to parent a toddler. Mike reassures me that we had no clue how to parent a baby and we've managed to survive so far.

I promise to post a few pictures of our recent adventures at home. Ella had her first baking lesson. It was quite the experience and quite the mess, but I do love exposing her to new things. I love encouraging her to explore her world.

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