Wednesday, February 07, 2007

One Week

In a week, my sweetheart turns one. I can't believe it. How did we get here so quickly? It's just absolutely insane how fast this year has gone. It definitely has been the fastest year of my life. We're gearing up for her party. I'm excited for it. Now if I only could decide what to serve. I'm most certainly open to suggestions.

When dropping off Ella today, I learned she will be graduating from the Lambs room shortly after her birthday, unfortunately her best bud Faith will not be going with her, at least not at this point. At her parent teacher conference last week, I had lobbied for them to move together. Miss Jenny said she knew it was a wish of both Faith's mom and mine, but Faith isn't consistently walking. Until she is, she will stay in the Lambs room. I know Ella is ready to move from a developmental standpoint, and Miss Jenny and Bonnie reassured me that this is a positive move for her. I just worry how well she will handle the transition. She is quite attached to her teachers as well as Faith.

Ella is keeping us busy. She is such a mover and so full of personality, and is so much fun! This kid has the best belly laugh I've ever heard. I brought back a soft ball from M&M World in Vegas and she loves to play her version of catch. The other night she stood at the top of the stairs and would "throw" the ball down the stairs to me and I would gently toss the ball back. She would just giggle with excitement as she watched the ball roll down the stairs.

We have weaned her from the bottle. Overall, the transition has gone well. We have a few fits periodically but overall she's handled the switch fairly well. Next is to introduce milk. We'll do that after her one-year appointment. Again, in one week, my little baby will be one. She may be ready for this, but her mom certainly is not!

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