Thursday, February 08, 2007

Busy with Change

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Aaron and Carter came over for a visit last Saturday. The Comers had someone coming over to look at their house, since it's on the market. Yes, that's right they are leaving me, well us. I feel so abandoned! I truly am excited for them and this new beautiful home of theirs, but it will be strange not having them in the neighborhood. It's not that we see each other every day (we may talk every day and I hope that continues), but it's a comfort knowing they were so close. I don't think I'll realize how much I'll miss them until warmer weather hits and we are spending large chunks of time outside. Yet, it's not like they are moving to Missouri. I mean the drive to their house is maybe something like 5 minutes away, if that. Somehow, I think I'll survive.

There is just change all around us. As Mike and Jen prepare to leave the cozy comforts of our cul-de-sac, a new couple has moved in to the house just south of us. It previously was occupied by a divorced man who had never picked up a cleaning product. We are so excited to have another couple in the neighborhood. We went over and introduced ourselves tonight, and they seem like they will fit quite nicely in our neighborhood. Meeting them allowed us to extend an invite to the informal neighborhood gathering we are hosting Saturday night. It's a "sorry you're leaving the neighborhood" and a "welcome to the neighborhood kind of party." Liz and I just arranged it today. It will be good to get everyone together for one last hurrah.

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