Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Frosting tastes best when smeared on the face

It's official. Miss Ella is one years old. With her not feeling well on her actual birthday, I decided she wasn't one until the day of her party. For her heart-themed party, we had quite the gathering of family and friends. Some how, we managed to squeeze 25 people, including 5 kids, into our house.

Ella had a ball at her first birthday. She adored the big kids in attendance and watched their every move. She showed absolutely no interest in opening gifts, although she wanted the toys out of the box the minute they were opened. She was mightly confused when such a large group of people began to sing "Happy Birthday" in unison. She surely thought we were all crazy and a touch tone deaf. She enjoyed the cake by digging into the frosting. Surprisingly, she makes a bigger mess during a standard dinner.

I questioned the decision to let her consume so much sugar in one sitting as she cried out several times Saturday night with what I suspect was a tummy ache. I then reminded myself that no permanent damage was done and when celebrating a major milestone like a first birthday, my standard parenting rules and worries need not apply. Overall, I believe a good time was had by all. We're are so appreciative of everyone who helped us celebrate this significant milestone, even if it was in spirit. I'll try to avoid ending another post on how it's impossible that she's already one and this definitely was the fastest year of my life. I said I'll try!

Ella had her one-year appointment Monday. Mike accompanied her to the doctor where we learned our kid's head is huge -- in the 97 percentile, explains why getting shirts over her head is such a huge battle. She weighed 23 lbs. 1 oz (80%) and her height was 30 1/2 (90ish%). The doc said she continues to make great strides in the development arena.

Overall, we are enjoying this amazing creature that we are so blessed to call our daughter.

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