Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to...*PUKE*

Okay, first things first. Amanda and I are FLOORED that it has been an entire year since the most earth-shattering event in our lives happened. Its been an amazing whirl-wind year and it went SO fast. Its been incredible and Amanda and I have learned so much--lost plenty of sleep, but we are so happy that she is in our lives and she just makes it all just that much better.

So guess what--our little miss Ella was on TV today! Thanks to Grandma Glenda, she sent in a picture to Channel 41 for their "Kansas City Live" show. Roll the clip! (Its in QuickTime format. If you can't see it, click on "QuickTime" and follow the instructions on how to download)

Click here to view Ella's Birthday announcement!

That's all the good news!

The bad news: She's sick!

We were at Wal-Mart shopping on Sunday and she just leans over and *puke*! All of her lunch, and plenty of milk and stomach acid all hit the floor. We had no idea she was even feeling bad! So from that point forward, NOTHING stayed down and Mommy was home with her on Monday, and daddy has been home with her on Tuesday and Wednesday. But we are starting to feel like she is starting to come around and hopefully will be back at daycare on Thursday. Its too bad because she wasn't able to spend her special birthday today with her friends! But hey, she's with one of her parents so its not all that bad!

She's been pretty clingy the last few days, and been a few long nights, but we're thinking it will all be over soon, thankfully.

So Happy Birthday to my little girl. You are a such a blessing to our family! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much. You make us smile so big and you teach us new things everyday about life. Thank you so much. We love you!

Proud Papa.

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