Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Right out the gate

A big development in the Bowling household: We have a CRAWLER!! It's official -- not inching along, not scooting. She's on all fours moving each in sequence. I can't believe it.

The worst thing is I missed it. I ran to the dry cleaners. I seriously was gone for 10 minutes max. Mike sat Ella down to move the jumperoo closer to the kitchen, so he could finish cleaning up from dinner. Ella just decided it was time to crawl. Her motivation: YOSHI! She's so fascinated with him. Mike called me immediately on my cell phone. I was so excited, yet I started to cry. I missed witnessing a major development, all for a silly pair of pants.

She did show off her new skill to me once I was home. She's so methodical about every move, but she definitely gets it. I sat there and cried, amazed at her progress and hoping to freeze time, so I can enjoy her more.

My sweet, adorable 6-month-old baby is changing so much. At her appointment on Monday, she was 18 lbs 6 oz and 25 3/4 inches long. The doc again commented on what a happy, healthy baby we have and to just enjoy every precious moment. How, I'm trying.

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