Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Every year it rains

No cars broke down. No one was stranded on the interstate. Yet, one thing we can't escape is the darn rain. I swear every time we get together for Rene's birthday it rains. It doesn't matter our plans, the rain always finds us and makes driving treacherous. Typically, the rain hits before the evening has even begun, but this year it waited until later in the evening. I foolishly mentioned at one a point in the evening, "at least it's not raining." I knew at that moment I had invited the rain to join the party.

As we opened the doors to depart Tom Fooleries, the steady stream of rain mocked us. We had to dash through it to get to the parking garage. TF was the last stop of the evening, so it didn't matter that we were drowned rats. Although, the drive home was quite an experience. In those times, I always wonder why I don't keep a pair of my glasses in my car. It certainly would have upped my confidence on the drive home.

Only 3 more work days until a 3-day weekend. Yahoo!! I can't wait. We are making the trip to Sioux City to see my family and to celebrate our family's birthday week. My brother Matt is the 6th, I'm the 7th, my dad was the 8th and the day my adopted brother Justin first came to live with us was the 9th. Quite the week for my family!


Tricia said...

Happy early Birthday, Amanda! I'll be neck-deep in Recruitment on the actual day, so I wanted to make sure I said it! =) Have fun and be safe this weekend!

Amanda said...

Hey thanks, Tricia. Have fun spending with recruiting and drive safe on all your trips back and forth to Topeka.