Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Girl

I am the mom to just the happiest little girl. She cracks me up. Her smile seriously knocks me over, it just lights up her whole face. She literally beams. I feel so blessed.

Monday (I know I'm slow, but it's been a busy week.) She stayed home with Mike as he recuperated from the long wedding weekend. When I walked in the door and caught her eye, she squealed with excitement that mom was home. Her legs were kicking, her arms swaying. I couldn't wait to scoop her into my arms. I've never seen have that kind of reaction. It was the best. I felt so special, especially since it was almost 7:30. I think she's entering a "I'm a momma's girl stage," and I must admit I like it.

Although, a co-worker of mine paid Mike the sweetest compliment. She said that she's so touched when she sees men with their kids and they seem like true naturals. I couldn't agree more. Mike is so great with Ella. He's always jumping right in and doing anything he can for her, and they do share a very special bond. I imagine it won't take long before I'm knocked off the pedestal. For now, I'm enjoying my position.

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lori said...

Your little girl is adorable. I have 6 children of my own. What a great gift!