Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ma Ma

We're continuing to ride this crazy development train. One day after showing off her mobility skills, she tackles language development by uttering "ma ma" and other two syllable sounds. I'm realistic enough to know that she wasn't saying it in reference to me, but the girl has discovered the finer art of babbling.

Another exciting highlight for today was our first Parent Teacher Conference. I chuckled when I was first asked to sign up for a conference time, but in reality it's a great idea. As most parents with kids in child care know, you don't linger at drop offs and pick up times. Inevitably, you are running late to work or you're just want to head home that all you do is grab your child and go home. Another reason is we only have 10 minutes for drop offs and pick ups because of the limited number of parking spots for the daycare parents. While I learn a lot about her day in a few short minutes, you don't have the time to talk long-term development and overall how your kid is doing at daycare.

So how is she doing? Absolutely wonderful. She's a social child who is meeting all of her development milestones. Her teacher Jarrett walked us through their development checklist. We also learned that since Ella is mobile, she'll probably start transitioning to the Lambs room in the very near future. I'm not ready for all this change. I know I have no choice, rather I should just embrace this. Faith from her room will probably move at the same time as her, giving her a familiar face in the room. As Mike and I were leaving, he commented about how happy he is with the center. I must agree.

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