Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ella's favorite hobby

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Ella could spend hours in the pool. We hit the pool again this past weekend with Payton in tow. Both girls had a fabulous time. Payton kept asking when Ella would wake up from her afternoon nap, so we could go to the pool. This is the same girl that wouldn't go near the water last summer, even if you bribed her with candy and a toy.

As for Ella, she has no fear of the water, which makes her dad very happy yet causes a sliver of worry in me. I think a little fear might not be such a bad thing. She doesn't even flinch if water slashes in her face. She would probably splash around all afternoon if we would let her. She even tried to crawl out of our grasp and never panicked if her face touched the water. Maybe, we'll be able to squeeze in another trip before the pool closes for the summer.

Another developmental milestone, the girl pulled herself up using the bottom stair. She definitely is a mover and a shaker. There's no taking your eye off her, who knows where she'll go.

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