Friday, August 25, 2006

No Deja Vu please

This weekend is shaping up to be eerily like last year and I'm concerned. Last year, this was the weekend that Rene and I were stranded at 1:30 in the morning on I-70 just east of downtown near Manchester -- not a good place to be. This weekend, we are again planning to celebrate Rene's birthday Saturday night, but this isn't the only similarity to last year.

Last year, Mike and I kicked off the weekend with a Jack Johnson concert at Starlight (we had Mike's work tickets). Tonight, we had Mike's company tickets to a Ben Harper concert at Starlight. (We didn't end up going, rather we gave them back so another co-worker who is a slightly bigger fan that us could take his finance for her birthday.) Then Saturday morning, Mike was off to his fantasy football draft. Tomorrow morning at 10 am, Mike is off again to the same fantasy football draft and Saturday night is once again girls night.

While the overall structure of the weekend is quite similar, I'm confident that the events won't repeat as we've changed a few details. I certainly don't want to tempt fate. First, I'm not taking the car rather I'm taking the Vue. Mike's not driving to the draft -- he's catching ride. We skipped the concert. Ella and I are hopefully having a low key day at home. Please, please, let's hope that none of the cars break down. While it's a memory Rene and I will never forget and one we can now laugh about heartily, I'd prefer not to relive it for amusement.

As for Ella, she's just a joy, nothing makes a long work day improve instantly than her sweet smile and energetic welcome screams. One minor concern is her formula intake isn't where it should be. Last week, her acid reflux was the culprit. This week, it's got to be a tooth bothering her. Her new trick for the week is waving. She's a little stubborn with the amount of waves she dispenses. She first displayed it for me as she waved goodbye to one of her teachers this week. It's a little herky jerky but she gets that arm a moving.

Mike got the little one down rather easily and I hear the shaking of margarita's. So thankful it's Friday.


Uncle Scotty said...

Hopefully I've helped your cause because our Cavalier broken down this week. Actually, it didn't break down. It wouldn't stop. The car gods may have already looked another way this time.

Tricia said...

Oh god, I hope it hasn't transferred to this half of the Bowling family - I have to drive to Topeka and back tomorrow... on I-70!! Don't put the curse on me!

Grandma Glenda said...

We thought maybe Ella was trying the "Queen Mum's" wave last Saturday night when we had her. It was soooo cute. She would watch us wave and then up would go her hand trying to figure out how to do it. We forgot to say anything to you about it. She is so much fun!