Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Chatter Bugs

Here's Ella hanging out with her friends, Surkari and Faith, at daycare. I can only imagine what they're babbling about. Mike joked that Ella's asking about who they plan to draft in the first round of their fantasy football league. Yeah, maybe if it was a group of boys. The photo just cracks me up, seeing her socializing with friends.

A few quick highlights, Ella is definitely moving forward. She is our own little inch worm. It's amazing how fast she's gone from pushing her butt in the air to resting on her hands and knees, to now slowing inching forward. I'm so not ready for baby proofing and baby gates.

She also demands to hold her own bottle at daycare. She still lets us feed her at home, but daycare says she drinks more and doesn't fuss as much if she can hold it herself. She definitely has an independent streak to her. I know where she gets that from.

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