Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am an over packer. I always have been and probably always be. Mike and I swear every trip back to Sioux City that we will take less the next time, but yet we never do. It's primarily my fault, but I always seem to have a reason. The reason this weekend is the wacky weather. It's suppose to be fairly cool and Ella doesn't have that many fall clothes yet, so I'm struggling with what to take. I also then wonder what if it unexpectedly warms up, then what will she wear. If it's cool in the house at night, she'll need different pjs than if it's warm. See my dilemma. Ugh. It's almost 10pm and there's still so much to pack.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Outside of just seeing my family, we're going to Art Splash, the best summer festival Sioux City has ever had. I also get my mom's burritos, so very yummy. These are so good, I even remember the first time we ever had them.

Ella has not found dreamland tonight. I fear it may be a very long night in the
Bowling household.

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