Saturday, June 07, 2008

What a wild windy week!

Good Saturday Morning!

Sam got me out of bed early this morning to let me know he was done sleeping for the night--fair enough--he slept from 10:00 (or so) on through to 4:30, so I guess Amanda and I will take that most nights!

It gave me a chance to get a head start on the day which is always good when it comes to a Saturday I suppose. I've got breakfast ready to cook and I've been reading up on most of my blogs.

As most of my family knows, I'm kinda of a weather geek. And this week, was a very active week! Tuesday night I had to drive home in some terrific downpours and hail (only about marble sized) and Thursday was supposed to have been an historic outbreak of tornados accross the plains. More on that later, I have a bone to pick.

I don't care how expensive your car/van/truck/SUV/motorcycle/moped/Big Wheel is, DON'T EVER STOP UNDER AN OVERPASS ON THE INTERSTATE. It's really close to the dumbest thing ever. Do you think people who are driving can see you that clearly in a torrential downpour? Don't stop on the shoulder, let alone stop in the lane next to the shoulder either. It's an INTERSTATE people, a road where people DO NOT stop. Rant over.

For as a wired up as I get for severe weather, the kids sleep through it remarkably well, which just amazes me. Poor Amanda she's usually so wiped from the day that she can sleep through about anything. Which leaves me to watch out for the storms! On Tuesday, one wall cloud got a little to close for comfort for my liking, but the sirens never went off so that was a good thing.

Thursday's storms, which were supposed to be "historic", didn't get close to MY house but it did get close to my FAMILY! My Grandma Davis (or as she's know now as "Grandma D") had a close call with a tree! Thankfully all it got was her chimney, but I think it was enough to freak her out a little bit! The damage was significant enough that my old employer KQTV (aka KQ2) came out to her house and did a package on her.

Exhibit A:

I am so happy she is safe! I think I called her about maybe 10 minutes or so before it happened. Amanda had heard something about Fairfax under a tornado warning so I made sure she knew about it! Uncle Jimmy got some damage as well (apparently KQ doesn't care about HIS story)

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Lauren said...

Oh, Grandma! Glad to hear the town's newest celebrity is safe.