Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sweet Sweet Sam

I realized I have made not much mention of Mr. Sam in recent posts. While Ella lately is a source of great material, Sam is slightly under the radar because he is just a happy, sweet baby who gives the best goofy smiles.

One common question is how is he sleeping? I hesitate to answer for fear of A) sounding like we're completely bragging and B) for fear of jinxing myself. My quick and common response is we have been blessed with some long sleep stretches. One, and only one, lasted for nine hours. Nine hours at 2 months. Loving it, but I'll leave it at that. Right now, a typical stretch is about 6 to 7 hours, which is still wonderful. He is a bit stubborn about actually falling asleep and staying asleep initially, but once he is settled down, he is golden.

He had his two-month well appointment last week. He was 12 lbs 9 oz and 23 1/2 inches long. While he started smaller than Ella, he has surpassed her weight at this mark. While his head has a beautiful round shape to it, the doc was a bit concerned that he prefers looking to his right so much. She encouraged us to be quite conscious of the direction he lays while he sleeps, traveling in the car seat, etc. His head control is getting stronger each day. He tolerates tummy time, but doesn't enjoy it.

As for the shots, he survived and only cried when he was pricked and stopped when I picked him up to comfort him. The really crying didn't kick in for a few hours. Oh that night was an adventure. Sam started crying around 4:30 pm and proceeded to cry until nearly 9:45 pm when he just wore himself out. His screams would only cease when a nipple was thrown in his mouth. Of all nights, he seemed to slam the bottle down and toss it aside, no enjoyment just necessity. The Tylenol wasn't working and neither were the usual tricks. It was mind-numbing and exhausting. I muddled through the first two hours alone. I tried to entertain and comfort Ella who attempted to ignore it unsuccessfully. I even attempted to cook dinner, but the incessant crying interfered with my ability to follow directions. I felt lost in my own kitchen. It was like I had no clue where anything was and like I had never cooked before. Once Mike got home, I essentially passed of Sam to him and walked out the house to get a break and pick up some dinner. How, I needed that break. It was a tough couple of hours, but I remind myself some parents deal with that level of crying and frustration on a daily basis. How, I have no clue.

Well, that seems to be a wrap on Sam. Oh, he has a spot at Corporate Kids. We are still waiting on what specific room he will be assigned. We are lobbying and hoping for the Kittens Room, which is where Ella started. I can only assume the Puppies, the other potential room for Sam, has fabulous teachers. It's just that we have an established relationship with Miss Tanya, the lead teacher of the Kittens. We really like her and Ella still adores her. I will refrain from mentioning how soon he will start at the center because it just brings me down.

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