Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Some recent gems uttered by Ella.

Scene: In Ella's room, she in the middle of annoying whiny attack and I am attempting to change her pull-up.

E in a shrieking, drawn out voice: "Momma, I'm frustrated." (Emotions are part of the current lesson plan at daycare.)
Me: "Why you frustrated honey?"
E: "Because daddy went away (to work)."

As Mike said after hearing her comments, "Man kid, push that knife in deeper."

Scene two: In our front room, Glenda is preparing to leave after spending four plus hours with the kiddos.

Glenda: "Well, I better get going." She stands up.
Ella motions and says: "There's the door, Grandma."

That one gets me every time. Thankfully, Glenda was very good natured about it. There's still more. These last two center around this family's love/love (but should be hate) relationship with ice cream.

Scene: Ella, Sam and I playing and hanging out in the front room. The ice cream truck is making it's way through the neighborhood. Ella hears the obnoxious music and looks up.

She asks: "What's that?"
Me: "It's the ice cream man."
Ella: "The ice cream man?"
Me: "Yea, he drives through the neighborhood and you can buy ice cream treats out of his van."
Ella: "Eww......"

Last one: Driving home and as we pass by Sheridan's on Shawnee Mission Parkway, Ella unprompted yet happily exclaims what she wants for dinner.

Ella: "Mom, I want ICE CREAM."
Me: "Not now. Maybe after dinner we can get some ice cream. Mommy has a gift card still to use there, but we do have some ice cream at home."
Ella: "No, ice cream at home makes me sad."

Man, we're created another addict. For the record, we didn't have ice cream tonight. She didn't ask and I didn't offer.

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Anonymous said...

Even Grandma still laughs about being told where the door was! I have told the story several times myself and Grandpa thinks it is hilarious! Guess Ella thought Grandma had been there long enough, either that or she was anxious to go to the park with Mom. Anyway, Grandma still got a hug, kiss, and "I love you" before I left. What a sweet little granddaughter! Love, Grandma Glenda