Sunday, May 04, 2008

Don't Take the Boy

Another weekend brought another round of visitors, and that's fine by me. I have really enjoyed and appreciated the extra set of hands and the time with our family and friends. Last weekend, my cousin Rachel and oldest brother Scott were down -- oh, how I adore Rachel (who is the closest thing to a little sister I'll ever have, but I'll save you from that love fest). This Saturday, my youngest brother Justin and my sister-in-law Brandi came in for the day. I hated saying goodbye to them, and having my family in town always sparks a discussion about moving to Omaha. Rachel attending UNO next year certainly sweetens the deal, but how we do love KC. I joke that I could only move if I could take a few KC things (namely people) with me.

One sweet moment to share from Scott and Rachel's weekend happened as we were saying our goodbyes. My brother asked Ella is she would like to go with them. She politely turned down the offer. He then asked if they could take Sam. A wave of sadness washed over Ella's sweet face and then her bottom lip puckered out before the tears fell. She cried, "Mommy no, Sam stays." We reassured her that Sam was indeed staying with us. I'm not sure she quite believed us until Rachel and Scott were safely pulling out of the driveway. I'm thankful given the option she didn't try to banish him away. It gives me hope she doesn't feel entirely neglected by her parents.

I have some sweet pictures to post of the little man. I hope to do that before the end of the day, but I make no promises. His birth announcement still isn't finished, ugh....

Sam is asleep in the swing, Ella is in her room avoiding nap time by reading her entire collection of books, Mike is outside working and I should be doing more thank you notes, but instead I'm blogging. (Sorry, if you're waiting on a thank you note from me -- I promise it's coming.) With Ella being home three days a week, I'm not sure how much time I will have to blog. Sadly, it's my only real hobby right now, so I hope to find time. However, if there are delays in posts, please understand why.

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