Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good news all around!

Sam slept for 5 1/2 hours Wednesday night. It was so wonderful. We so needed it. Here's to the hope we'll get a similar stretch tonight. Oh, Sam is now 11lbs. 2 oz. I had no clue he weighed quite that much.

As for Ella, she has gone three nights without her pacifier and luckily it hasn't been a battle. We didn't set out Tuesday night to take it away. It sort of just happened. She seemed to accept not having it and went down without a fight. Honestly, if she would have cried out for it, we would have given in. Surprisingly, she didn't cry and slept quite well. The next night, she asked for it, but we told her she did so great without it that she would be fine without it and her baby would keep her company. She again slept great and no tears. Tonight, she might have started going through withdrawal. She shed a few tears but I think she was overtired more than missing her pacifier. A few more days and I'll think I can say with certainty that she has kicked the habit.

Even better news is Ella is using the toilet more and more. She even used it on her own accord at a friend's house. I didn't ask if she needed to use it, she just walked in and did her #2 deed. I was blown away. A shopping trip for some "big girl panties" just might be in order.

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