Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Snip, Snip -- First Haircut

Ella experienced another first this past weekend -- her first haircut, well her bangs were trimmed.

To prepare her, we talked quite a bit about this new adventure. Oddly enough when we visited the library (her first trip -- she's already asking to go back), Ella picked a book about a boy going to get his haircut, so we read it multiple times before Saturday. When we arrived at the salon, she was quite curious and eagerly began exploring. We had to rein her in a bit.

Mike needed a haircut as well, so he went first and Ella gladly sat on his lap. The stylist put a smock on Ella and as she was cutting Mike's hair, she explained what she was doing. When it was Ella's turn, she was fairly cooperative. Ella squirmed a little, but the stylist said she was used to working with a moving target.

When the trim was complete, the stylist presented us with a certificate commemorating this monumental event. It even included a clipping of her hair. My baby girl is growing up so fast.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I can remember Kari's first haircut. But it was a bang trimming just like Ella's. She was 16 months old. Can't really remember when she got her first major cut, but think it was several months later. Sam will probably be like James. He was the one with a head of hair! Got his long curls cut at 11 months and regular cuts after that. Go figure!!! Love GAC