Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long Weekend is Over

So many faces, so many miles and so many moments worthy of a post, but I am too tired and the laptop battery is quickly fading to put much effort into creating coherent thoughts. For now, I'll leave these two little gems.

While at Grandma D's house, Ella was dumbfounded by a certain item she found in the bathroom: bar soap. As we were washing her hands, she curiously asked me "the rock has soap?" I quickly realized this was her first experience with bar soap as we and daycare only use liquid soap. These moments always give me an appreciation for her perspective on the world.

Ella provided a few more chuckles today as I learned my sweet girl is a bit of a clepto or a chocolate addict. It depends on how you look at it. The bare cabinets and empty refrigerator were sure signs a trip to the grocery store was needed. I always dread taking both kids to the store by myself. Even if it goes smooth, it is always an adventure. We grabbed a few items and after 20 minutes, I found myself waiting in a fairly short line to check out. As I was loading the groceries on the belt, I was telling Ella, who was sitting in the front of the fire truck cart, how much I appreciated her excellent behavior while we were at the store. Words, I uttered, a bit too soon.

She asked to ride the "horsey" before we left. Since she was so good, I was happy to oblige. I pulled the cart to a stop, came to the front to help her out, and started chuckling. Chocolate was dripping down her face and she was gripping a half role of Rolo's. The problem: I didn't buy them or serve them to her. We beelined back to the register, so I could properly pay for the candy. I tried to contain my laughter, as did the cashier, and explain to Ella that the candy isn't for taking and is a special treat when mommy gives it to her. Every word I uttered, I suspect, was lost on her. Next time, I plan to watch her more closely as we are checking out.

I hope to blog more about some of the moments from this past weekend, like our trip to the cemetery with a curious toddler and my child's obsession with flip flops, but suitcases full of clothes still liter our bedroom floor. A few quick notes on Sam, he is such a sweet, sweet boy, and he treated his parents to seven hours of continuous sleep, not one but two nights at my mom's house. Oh what a blessed gift. Love that little man.

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