Friday, May 23, 2008

Road Trip

We survived our first long car trip. We spent the majority of the day in the car on our way to Nebraska to visit my family. Much to my surprise, the drive was fairly pleasant. Sam slept almost the entire trip. Almost. We were 25 minutes from our final destination when Sam started fussing. We debated plowing through but my bladder was overflowing, so we had multiple reasons to make a pit stop. Sam appreciated the bottle, but did cry the remainder of the drive. He wasn't too happy being strapped back in his car seat. He was more than ready to be sprung from that contraction. I can't blame him, spending more than four hours strapped down isn't enjoyable.

As for Ella, she was such a good sport and awake for most of the drive. She enjoyed spotting everything from cows to trains outside her window. She also spent some time reading stories and flipping through mom's magazines.

The most difficult aspect of the drive was just getting out of the house. I swear no matter how much time we give ourselves it's never enough time. I had forgotten how much stuff the kids need just to survive a long weekend.

For the rest of the weekend, we plan to spend our time visiting with family, introducing Sam to more relatives and friends and just relaxing.

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