Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One Day Left

Look ma my tongue
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Tomorrow, or actually today, is my last day of maternity leave. I cannot believe it is coming to an end. It went too quickly. When she was born, May seemed an eternity away. Time is going by too quickly. What saddens me is I now only have weekends with my daughter and holidays until next year. That thought completely depresses me, yet makes me realize how precious that time is.

Our plan for today is to hang out at home and just enjoy each other. We've been busy running errands getting ready for next weekend when Mike turns 30 and Ella gets baptized. Today will be a much more relaxed day. We do plan to visit her day care again today. Yesterday's visit went fine. It was short. Her teachers both held her and interacted with her. Ella seemed comfortable in their care and I know she'll be well taken care of, but I doubt it will make next week any easier.

On to happier news, Ella did a partial roll yesterday. We were playing on the floor, and I stood up to grab a toy. She was squirming around and managed to get herself from her back to her stomach. She wasn't too happy once she got on her stomach because her arms were pinned underneath her. I was so amazed and proud of her.

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Auntie T said...

Just think of it this way - going to work will make it all the more special to come home to her! My guess is that's how Mike gets through the days!