Friday, May 05, 2006

My First Day

I survived. Granted I only worked from 9 to 2:45, but I made it through and with no significant tears. I forgot what great people we have in our department. Not only did they greet me with kind words and warm smiles, and indulged me by listening to Ella stories, but they also had a bag of homemade cookies and an arrangement of flowers. How sweet of them.

Ella also had a good day. She was in good hands. Her thanks to Rene were three dirty diapers. Poor Rene! Payton also had a ball hanging out with Ella, and I heard was a big help. We'll find out Sunday as we're watching Payton for the first time sine Ella was born.

Monday will be harder, but its not today or tomorrow, so I can avoid thinking about it for now.

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