Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sound the Alarm

Poor Ella, on her very first day at day care, they had a fire drill. Luckily, an alarm wasn't sounded, they just announce it over the speaker system in the day care. Can you imagine how quick a loud obnxious alarm would scare those kids?

Overall, Ella did great on her first day. I saw her at lunch and she was having fun. We get a report at the end of each day. It outlines when her diaper was checked, when and how much she ate, times when she napped, what skills she worked on and the other activities they did during the day. Outside of the fire drill, she went on a buggy ride, got an infant massage, did tummy time, played with bubbles and listened to kids' songs. She was wore out from her new daily routine that she was dead to the world around 10:30 last night.

I survived dropping her off. Mike went with me. I didn't break down, but my eyes welled with tears. We did the hand off relatively quickly for my sake and it seemed to work. My mom sent me flowers to brighten my day, which helped and was so thoughtful of her.

Today seems harder than yesterday. I was so focused on just getting through Monday, and once we did, I felt such relief. That was until the dread of dropping her off again hit. I realized we have to do this every day, and each day it will hurt. It will get easier or so they say. As Mike says, who exactly is "they?"

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Tricia said...

Damn! I want to go to daycare! I could use a massage and some tummy time.