Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My friend the kangroo

My friend the kangroo
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It's 9:45. Mike is at a Royal's game and my precious daughter is asleep in her crib. Why am I on the computer? I should be in bed, in the shower or at least painting my toes. But here I am, typing away on the computer. I'm pathetic. Where's my to-do list? Maybe that will remind or motivate me to get off this thing.

The little lady is doing great and is such a happy baby. Her wide toothless smiles melt my crazy work day away. I felt gipped and disappointed the first few weeks at daycare. When I picked her up, I got nothing -- no smile, no sparkle in the eye. I wanted some sort of acknowledgment that I was mom and I was special. Well, late last week, my wish was granted. As I walked in to the room, she focused on me and broke out into a wide beaming smile. At that moment, man, life was good. Today, I heard her fussing as I walked into the center and as I wound my way back to her room, I knew she wasn't having her best afternoon. I entered her room, called out to her, caught her eye and her cries stopped and again that beautiful smile. Hands down, the best moment of my day.

The picture is her latest source of endless enjoyment. Grandma spoiled her with a jumperoo and man is that kid happy. The instance you place her in it and she makes eye contact with the orange kangaroo, she is all smiles. It's positively adorable.

I have a shower calling out to me and nail polish that desperately needs to go on my toes. I am so excited about having a three-day weekend with my two favorite people. It can't get here fast enough.

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