Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shower Fun

Shower Fun
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No time to recap our past week right now. It was crazy busy with Mike’s birthday party and Ella’s baptism. Definitely, a memorable and meaningful weekend especially since so many family and friends were with us. Monday rolled around too quickly giving us no time to recover from the weekend. Work offers no reprieve as our firm's annual report is due to the printer in a week, and as the token writer/proofreader on staff, I'm swamped.

Until I can do a longer post, enjoy this photo of Ella and daddy in the shower. Showers are so much easier than baths, and Ella actually seems to prefer shower time.

I could spend all my time away from her staring at her pictures, but work gets in the way. I feel so blessed to be her mom and to have such a supportive husband.

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