Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sweet Laugh

Boy, did we get lucky. Sunday night after unpacking the car from our road trip to Sioux City, Mike and I were hanging out with Ella, making her laugh or maybe she was making us laugh. Anyway, she was cooing and smiling up a storm. Mike decided she was just being too darn cute, so he decided to preserve the moment with the video camera. We were just playing away while he was recording when all of a sudden we heard the sweetest laugh. Our heads swiveled around to look at each completely shocked that we heard our daughter's first laugh, much less got it recorded. It was such a light, airy silly laugh. I was so tickled by it. We haven't heard the laugh since then, but she's given us plenty of those wide, toothless smiles.

As for the road trip, Ella did great. She hardly fussed in the car, rather she slept for most of it. I was worried. I honestly thought we'd be stopping multiple times with her, but she really impressed me. It was a very enjoyable trip visiting with family and showing off our wonderfully sweet adorable little girl. Ella also had some of the best nights sleeping that she's ever had. We're talking 6 to 7 hour stretches. Of course, that didn't continue once we got home. Grandma teased that we'll have to bring her back if we want to get good sleep again.

The countdown has begun. I have go back to work in one week. I'm dreading it. It's not that I don't want to work. I just don't want to leave her. I just wish she could hang out with me in my office. We are spending a few hours together at daycare next Tuesday and Wednesday, so her and I can feel more comfortable with the environment and the staff, and they can get to know her. I'm hoping that will put some of my fears at ease. Until then, I'm just going to enjoy this last week and spend lots of time cuddling with her.

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Scott Bowling said...

Today was Take Your Kid to work day. You could have brought Ella with you! My boss didn't appreciate Brodie barking all day long.

Just kidding!