Friday, April 07, 2006

What a Wonderful Night

Can we have a repeat of this night every night? We only had to get up once with Ella. She went down at 10:45. Mike got up with her at 2:45 for her only overnight feeding. Granted, he was up for an hour. When we crawled into bed at 11, Mike said he'd take the first feeding because I had put her down and she hadn't taken a bottle of formula since 8 pm. If I had any idea she was only going to get up once, I would have handled it. I honestly thought she'd be back up around 5, but she slept until 6:15.

We needed this. We'll still have bad nights and stretches of them, but one great night goes along way to restoring normal brain function. To be fair, we've had three pretty good nights in a row, but last night was by far our best one. I wish I could say I slept a blissful 7 hours, since I didn't get up with her. Nope. I tossed and turned last night -- Ella didn't keep me up, rather my head wouldn't shut off. Regardless, I'm still celebrating what a great night we had with her. Let's hope she'll continue with such good sleeping patterns.

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