Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Grand Tour

At the end of last night's class, we took the grand tour of the maternity center. It was pretty standard fare. The delivery rooms are large and spacious. The post-delivery rooms are small, but still pleasant.

A few perks:
  • Free valet parking during the day for moms in labor
  • Level II NICU -- let's hope we don't need it
  • Good security measures -- stay away from the purple rectangles on the floor when wheeling around baby
  • Dad is welcomed and encouraged to stay through admission to discharge
  • Nap time for the post-delivery section of floor is from 2 pm to 4 pm -- visitors are discouraged from this time
  • Promote an atmosphere that it's important to respect mom, dad and baby's time -- once we switch to the post-delivery room, the hospital provides various signs for the parents to post on the door that indicate if visitors are allowed at that time or if they need to come back another time

A few obvious negatives

  • the size of the family and friends waiting room -- Mike counted only 11 chairs
  • parking lot is under construction -- good luck finding a spot during normal hospital visiting hours

Things I wish they had:

  • whirlpool tubs -- they do have a soaking tub they can bring to your room, but no jets
  • larger showers -- not sure how Mike and I are suppose to both fit in it (They encourage the husband get in with the wife while she's in labor as a form of water therapy.)
  • DVD players in the room

Overall, it's a good hospital.

Next week at class, the men wear the empathy belly. I can't wait to get a picture of Mike sporting it. He's been very empathic to me and very attentive, so I don't think he needs to wear one to see things from my perspective. I just want to see him in it for the sheer comical aspect.

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