Friday, January 27, 2006

Making Progress

Back from my doctor's appointment today. Things are progressing. I am dilated to a one and am 50% effaced. The baby is head down and ready to pop out. Wow, it's exciting to hear, but a lot to process. I need this reality check. I have to focus on what MUST get done and not worry about everything else.

As she said, she can't predict anything -- labor is very unpredictable. I could walk around like this for a few weeks or it could happen very soon. She did encourage me to get my work wrapped up. I will be here tomorrow hoping to do just that.

Other vital stats, the baby's heart rate was 127. My blood pressure is good and I lost 1/2 a pound. I'm measuring perfect, and she thinks the baby will be about 7 1/2 to 8 pounds. I'm sure there's more from the appointment, but I can't remember it. I'm still back at the thought that it could be very soon. Wow. It's CRAZY.

I have to focus on work right now. Baby thoughts and concerns will be there when I'm off tonight. Of course, I hardly slept last night. (It's been a bad week for me and sleep -- I've been trying to find it, and it's been hiding from me. It would help if I could find the off switch in my brain.) I hate to rely on Ambien, but I'm exhausted today and with the news from the doctor, I probably will be in a drug-induced coma around 9:30 tonight.

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