Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Empathy for Mikey?

Mike "naked"
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Well, here I am in all my glory. Okay, so I'm not REALLY naked, but I am filling out nicely don't you think?

It was really a lot of fun. If I'm not mistaken, if you click on the picture you can come to my flickr account and it will show you more of my adventures in being pregnant. It was only for 5 minutes or so, but it really was entertaining!

First I had to put the thing on with the help of the instructor, which was just a chore in itself! It had 2 weights plus a small-ish sand bag in it. Then I had to try to tie my shoes while crouching down. Not too bad, but it was a tad difficult.

Next it was on to the "bed" which was a couple of pads laid down on the floor. We had to lay on our back and feel the pressure of all that weight and find out why laying on our backs isn't the best thing when pregnant. Then as you roll to your side, you have to try to roll over to your other side while still trying to stay on your side of the bed! Not a feat easily accomplished, that's for sure!

After that we got up and took a picture with the person who was REALLY pregnant and then it was off to the next dad/coach who thought he was hot stuff and able to take it on!

To be honest, I couldn't exactly feel what Amanda is feeling physically, but I sure could understand where some of the aches and pains come from!

As for the rest of class, we spent it talking about transition labor and of course the big Stage II Labor: pushing that damn bowling ball out! Lots of breathing and funny faces. We watched a video on a C-section, not as graphic as I thought it would be!

Next week we are on to what the heck to do when you get that baby home with you! (aparently these things don't come with a "How to bring up an awesome child in 18 years" manual. What a joke! Somebody told me they did....

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