Thursday, January 12, 2006

Down to the Final Month

One month from today is my due date. One month. I can't believe it. I was sitting in a meeting early, looking at the agenda when today's date jumped out at me. I stared at the 12th in disbelief. Where has time gone? If I say that now, I can't even imagine how fast the first year will fly by, much less the first 18.

I'm sincerely trying to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy. I must admit, I'm getting so anxious to meet the little one and to know if it's a boy or girl. I can also see how the 9th month is the toughest month. Overall, I still do feel good for being 9 months pregnant, but my energy isn't what it was and my body aches a bit more at the end of each day.

Tomorrow is another doctor's appointment. I start going every week until the grand entrance of baby ball. I'm curious to hear what the doctor has to say. My prediction is I will go past my due date. No real reason other than I feel we need more time -- personally and professionally, and I want to be on maternity leave when the weather is nicer. Plus, my mom needs me to go at least until my due date. Otherwise, she might not make it down. Probably for all these reasons, I'll go early. Then again, Mike and I are never on time for anything, so why would our kid be?

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