Wednesday, January 18, 2006

...okay so we know everything right?

Well, that's it.

Last night was our last birthing class. So I guess now we are ready to be parents huh? Our instructor has taught us all we need to know from here on out right?

Probably not.

Last night was not so much a birthing class, as it was a "here's what your baby could possibly look like and why and how to care for him/her." We saw so many slides of so many varying degrees it made my head spin! Things I was interested in seeing, others, not so much, but I really didn't have much of a choice, that's for sure!

We do still have a breast-feeding class to take next week and then we will all be all ready to go! Uh, I guess.

Those classes are always so interesting to me. I am like a sponge at those classes. I just can't get enough tips and tricks for dealing with the little bugger. I know that we will get more and more tips as we progress along, but I really can never get enough info.

The teacher said that I seemed very knowledgeable and that I asked very good questions in class afterwards. So I guess I'm totally going to fail as a father now! :) Here's hoping that I really don't. Amanda thinks I'm a teacher's pet. Which I am, but I wasn't asking questions for the teachers approval, that for sure!

The nursery is nearing completion. Ever week we get just that much closer to have everything in place. Its all finally coming together.

tick, tock....tick, tock....

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