Friday, December 30, 2005

34 Week Appointment

According to the doctor, I'm still trucking along and to keep it up. The baby's heart rate was 130 and she says he's head down, but may not stay in that position. I also measured exactly on for 34 weeks. I only gained 2 pounds, so that was a small victory and my blood pressure was again excellent. We went ahead and scheduled my remaining appointments. I can't believe this pregnancy is winding down. I've truly enjoyed being pregnant and am amazed by my own body. Now, let's see if my perspective changes after the next few weeks and after labor!

Wake up Calls
Mike and I are slowly getting ready for baby, but we still have plenty of things to prepare before baby makes an appearance. We so need to get in gear. The universe has been sending us wake up calls, and hopefully, we're paying attention to them.

The first was Tuesday night at our class. Our instructor informed us that we already lost a couple. She went into labor the night after our first class. The baby was born at 31 weeks and mom and baby are doing fine. She used that as a reminder to get our bags packed, along with a multitude of other things, like knowing how to contact my doctor when labor begins (I didn't know, but now I do). At my doctor's appointment, the doctor reminded me that once I hit 36 weeks, they won't attempt to stop labor if it begins because the baby is "cooked" enough. Okay, that's in two weeks. Two Weeks! Now, I don't think I'll go early, but you never know so I guess we better apply the Scout mantra and "Be Prepared."

I also had a complete freak out moment at work this week. It was the complete: slap me upside the head, pull the rug right out from under me, the deer in the headlights kind of moment. A co-worker and I were discussing new software packages we're testing, and our next step with this project. And then it hit, I am actually going on maternity leave and will be away from my job for 12 whole weeks. I know, it's not shocking, but to me, maternity leave has always been this abstract thought. It wasn't actually happening any time soon, but it is. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the time with the baby to bond and to settle into becoming a mom. I've been so focused on preparations on the home front that I hadn't begun to consider the implications to my job.

So much to do! I can't begin stressing too much about it. If I do, I'll have a "mental snowball," as Mike calls it, and render myself completely useless. I need to make a list of everything we still need to do and to buy, it will be lengthy, but lists help me cope.

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