Thursday, September 25, 2008

Together with Madison & Bailey

When I received this photo last night from my brother, I instantly got teary-eyed. I keep saying it, but I miss her! I am so happy that she is having a wonderful time. I am thrilled that she has not had a single meltdown about missing mommy, daddy or sammy. It just is so strange to me that my little one is so far away.

The week has been strange. I have to say I don't like this feeling of being lost or that someone is missing. I have loved giving Sam extra attention, and candidly it has been a nice break. Although, we haven't gotten out of the house any quicker in the morning nor have I accomplished all that I had hoped. We even reverted to some pre-child habits, as I had cereal for dinner. Ah, it was so easy and so quick!

In nearly 24 hours, my sweet girl will be back home. Momma is ready for that!

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