Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slugger, not my friend

Slugger, not my friend
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Forcing my child to take a picture with the Royals mascot is certainly not going to earn me the parent of the year award. In my defense, she asked that we wait around and get a picture with him. Poor Ella instantly started to cry when Slugger invaded her personal space. But she was the one who couldn't wait to see him, and we had waited 15 minutes for our turn. Luckily the tears only lasted a few brief seconds. I hope I didn't scar her. I guess we'll know when we attend our next Royals game. Honestly though, doesn't every parent have a similar picture in their collection of photos?

We managed to squeeze in a lot this weekend -- hanging with family, baby shower, birthday party, haircuts for three out of the four of us, playing at the park, Royals game and we even enjoyed one meal outside. I'm so not ready to it to be Monday tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the commercial with the little boy going to the mall to see the Penguin at's the same response. That's all I could think of looking at the picture. So just keep in mind it happens frequently enough that it is the plot for a camera commercial. Hugs and love, Cousin Kari