Sunday, July 06, 2008

Camping Survival

We survived. I still haven't decided which side of the crazy/adventurous fence that we ended on, but we did create plenty of memories -- the smores, the night terrors, the need for cow bells and me sharing my breakfast with the chrome RV bumper.

Before I relive the regurgitation of my breakfast, I will reminisce on the food that remained in my stomach. Two years had past since I had my last smore. With the long wait over, I was more than ready to give my taste buds and stomach this gooey sweet treat. I promised myself that I would not let another summer pass by without one passing through my lips.

I am particular about the color and texture of the marshmallow blessed to melt and connect the sweet chocolate with the graham cracker. As much as I wanted to savor the yummy treat, I had to burn and waste a few before I finally had perfection -- a toasty brown and warm marshmallow. My patience paid off. Ah, so very tasty and such a classic camping treat.

If I only knew it would have been the last food particle to remain in my stomach, I might have savored it a bit more. Saturday for me wasn't as good as Friday. While the highlight of Friday was regaining my ski legs after two attempts, Saturday's highlight was laying in the tent tearing through a book (which I finished by the end of today. I can't even remember when I started and finished a book in the same weekend.)

Why did I have so much time to lounge around the tent reading a book? Somehow, somewhere I caught a nasty stomach bag. I was least miserable laying down, so I spent the day in the tent on the air mattress, napping and sleeping. Thankfully, it was a cool day with intermittent rain. My simple activity cycle continued off and on until late afternoon. When upon viewing the raw fish slated for that's night dinner, my breakfast opted to reappear while standing outside the RV. Like everyone, getting sick is not my idea of a holiday but it's compounded by the difficulty of finding privacy in a row of portable houses. Throwing up in the RV was so not an option, and I knew I couldn't made it to the bath house, which left me with no other alternative than to hold on the RV and lean forward. With an acidic after taste, I tunneled back to the tent for more rest.

While right now my bout with the bug is the primary low light of the weekend, we did have plenty of highlights which I believe over time with trump any sickness memories. Those sweet memories will have to shared another day as sleep beckons.

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