Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lack of Pictures

Messy Chocolate Face
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Sadly, this series of pictures is all I have to remember our Fourth of July holiday. (This is Ella enjoying the chocolately goodness of scotcharoos.) We thought we packed the camera, believed it had made its way into the car, once at camp site couldn't find the camera, searched car to no avail, figured we walked off without it, finally found as we packed the car to leave camp site. It's par for the course with us lately.

Oh, how will I ever remember what a great weekend it was. Ella created so many special memories with her cousins. How I wish I could show her photos of that special time to help her lock in those memories. Maybe Zoopra9457 will come to our rescue. hint...hint....

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, I have several sweet pictures of the kids over the Fourth that I will e-mail you. We had such a great time also and sorry you were not feeling the best. Will try to e-mail the pictures in batches since there are quite a few. Love, G-ma Glenda