Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My First Pony-Tail

My First Pony-Tail
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It's not actually Ella's first pony tail, but it's the first one that stuck for longer than 10 seconds. I've been trying now for awhile to do her hair, but anytime I would even come close with the comb and a rubberband, would shake her head and say "No!" Her emphatic no of course didn't stop me from trying. Through all my attempts, I did realize that the first set of rubberbands that I purchased were completely worthless as I couldn't even get my fingers through them.

Fast forward to the other night, when we were playing in the bedroom. I decided to play hair using my stuff, and Ella actually let me do a "Pebbles" ponytail. I was so excited that I raced her into the bathroom to show her how cute her new hairstyle was. She seemed pretty impressed with it. I think it helped that I too had my hair in a ponytail. I think she also liked admiring herself in the mirror, hence the photo.

We did another ponytail this past weekend and she seemed again okay with it. The main issue now is training Mike and making him comfortable with doing hair. It's important to increase his confidence as he now takes Ella in each morning, and she's typically asleep or just waking up as I leave. This means Mike has the responsibility of getting her ready, so hair duty naturally falls to him. Maybe beauty school is in his future?

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