Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mama P-O-O-L

As I've mentioned before Ella loves the pool. Right now, I swear it has to be her happiest place on earth. Last Thursday, I left work with the intention of hitting the pool. I had planned ahead and backed the pool bag and all the necessary equipment. I had failed to pack any dinner, so we made a quick pit stop for a bite to eat.

As we were eating, a little summer shower made an appearance. I called Mike who quickly reassured me that it would be brief and surely wouldn't close the pool. He was nearly right. When we left it was only a slight sprinkle, so I decided to go ahead and drive by the pool. Man, was that my dumb mom moment. Ella definitely knew where we were. Unfortunately, they were in the process of closing shop. Poor Ella, she was devastated when she realized that I wasn't stopping the car. She whined for most of the drive home. She kept saying "p-o-o-o-l, mama, p-o-o-o-l." It broke my heart.

Undeterred, I decided Friday after work to try again. Well, hello downtown monsoon. Joel Nichols had promised me the rain wouldn't hit until after 10pm, five hours early was completely unacceptable. I was disappointed but not willing to give in quite yet. So Ella and I decided to wait it out by visiting Mike and T2's First Friday Party. Good move. I enjoyed some tasty snacks and Ella enjoyed the space. After about 45 minutes, the sky was clear and off to the pool we went. It was surprisingly quiet and at one point Ella almost had the entire playground to herself.

On our way home, I treated us to some Sheridan's. I swear we've only taken Ella once before. As we were pulling into the drive-thru, Ella, unprompted, screamed with excitement, "ICE CREAM." She was gleefully kicking her legs as we pulled up to the window. She wasted no time consuming the delicious treat as it was only a tasty memory by the time we reached the house. No mistaken who she takes after!

Mike and I managed to squeeze another trip to the pool Saturday night. We swear as we were packing up and heading out, Ella said ice cream. Now, I'll indulge her in a trip to the pool back to back, but as a responsible parent, I can't give in on the ice cream wish. No matter how badly I want it for myself.

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